2D Consulting opened an office in the Ivory Coast in Abidjan called “2D Consulting Africa” to conduct activities on the African market and, being closer to its clients, ensure more effective service.


The Ivory Coast choice was due to this country’s commitment to sustainable development.

Consult the Ivory Coast's Agenda 21

Visit the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development in Ivory Coast


In the Ivory Coast, social and environmental impact studies (SEIS) are conducted with the approval of ANDE (National Development Agency) in partnership with the firm PARLYM INTERNATIONAL and the national office of technical and developmental studies (BNETD).


2D Consulting Africa is also approved by the FDFP  (Fund of Development of the Vocational Training) for training in the following areas :

    - protection of the Environment, ecology ;
    - quality assurance, standards.


2D Consulting Africa works closely with big ivorian companies, including PETROCI, to which firm is bound by an accreditation: PETROCI provider accreditation


Visit the websites of our two partners in Ivory Coast :




2D Consulting Africa

Cocoby - cité Bellevue - Riviera 3 - Quartier Selmer - Lot n°L8

15 BP 149 Abidjan 15   Ivory Coast

Phone : 00 225 21 21 14 50

Mobile : 00 225 49 40 01 59 


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